Triple Tree Tours & The Tyburn Project

The tours are part of a wider initiative with aims and ambitions to duly bring the authentic past into the heart and mind of the modern citizen
The tours do this through taking the visitor and sometimes Londoner through then places and events that make up the criminal history of London from Roman times to the 2oth Century.
The Tyburn Project has ambitions to instigate a hybrid investment and crowdfunding initiative to create a Fayre, Game and Production
The merchandise available here on the tours site, and the tours themselves are to give the participant a unique experience imagining themselves in the past, at a particular time and in a particular guise. The posters, workbooks, pamphlets, timelines, and general information is to bring the past back to life especially in the imagination of the individual.

The Game
To have the player escape from Newgate whilst being under the chosen time and regime and atmospheres of a particular era. The player needs to escape not just the prison, but disease, the other imates and the events that would befall a prisoner.
The Fayre
To act as summer counterpart to Winter Wonderland in London, but with an emphasis on the medieval.
The Production
To take the most notorious and pitiful cases from Newgate and Tyburn and make into low budget features with minimal cast and crew. The stories are retrospectives portrayed in a confessional and will be similar in style and tone to the Talking Heads series of monlogues by the English Playwright Alan Bennett.

All those interested in the wider life on Triple Tree Tours, is encouraged to look up the site on The Tyburn Project.