Terms & Conditions

1. The Company Triple Tree Tours Ltd. reserves the right to conduct tours and their content in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom. This includes Public Liabilities, Censorship and various Public Order Acts

2. The Guide is not liable to answer any political or potentially sensitive question seeking a personal opinion.

3. The content of the Adults Only tours are of an adult nature with sexual content and this is to be understood by the buyer before the purchase. Complaints thereafter WILL NOT be taken seriously by Triple Tree Tours Ltd, and will be duly disregarded.

4. The Scheduled Tours are not subject to bespoke tailoring – nor can any pick ups be arranged.

5. The tours are not designed for the unfit or the obese. Some of the content of the tours is available in books and on the Hop On/Hop Off bus tours.

6. The tour content is delivered using swear words and cant from the ages to present and this is to be understood. The delivery of the realities of the poor in the past is the company policy and this is to be understood by the buyer. Any objection to this mode of delivery during the tour will result in the participant being asked to leave.

7. Hand Outs will be given out during the tour. The posters will be sent as downloadable PDFs or JPEGS within 1 Month of tour.

8. The Guide will be taking group photographs for social media throughout the tour and will be posting on the various platforms as chosen. This is to be understood by the buyer before purchase.