Triple Tree Tours has more than walking tours as resource. Obviously the walks and talks are not possible in the post Covid era: tourism has hampered this as has the general absence of places of interest to take the tourist and uninitiated.

Even before the pandemic outbreak, there were ambitions here that were desk based: it is meant, the site that is, to be a place to come to for learning and to get some idea of the grizzly past and for the individual to imagine themselves as part of it or possibly in it. The Walking Tours themselves are not going to be available as virtual tours due to their adult nature and the need to build a viable commercial section and possibly associated series of games and/or small productions on notable lives. We will be dealing with a channel and stories of note though this will not be until the commercial ‘Gift Shoppe’ is finished.


The sources here should be used to accompany the shop and help in the choice and make up of personalised historic product. There will be interiors and maps done in 3D of the past that accompany the narratives of the walking tours and will be downloadable as a PDF – though not available as a framed product. The research, time and skill involved in the creation of each has been profound 

The Historic Timeline
Gives the reader some idea as to how we have evolved – London as a city, but the examples as to what was atround and when in terms of standard of living and quality of life is relevant to any city anywhere….especially in the western world, life until around a hundred years ago was relatively nasty for anyone who wasn’t relatively rich, if not an aristocrat. The evolution of a civilised society hass taken hundreds of years. The timeline gives a century by century approach to how we got here. We were still hanging people publicly at the same time we were developing the first tube journey. We were buying and selling children for labor and/or prostitution (regardless of race), until quite recently. Some of the rest of the site will put across how liberatarian attitudes to morality and sex differed to what most imagine: courtesans often were cross dressers, the Vikings and Romans were not that bothered about homosexual sex, and pornography was, in ancient Rome quite erm, rampant. Go to this resource to find out what happens and when.

The Case Histories
Give a timeline and case by case run down of guys and girls who were executed and for what. It is a fuller account than is presented in the talks, but follows an easy to follow chronology. It shows for just how long we were were committing individuals to very nasty ends for nothing much more than being poor, or in a lot of cases for having a difference of opinion, or for not thinking the king or queen of the day was altogether right in their thinking. Imagine a world where a ballad or poem written about the king or queen could end up with a missing hand, taken off with a blunt instrument in the middle of a busy place (mutilations used to take place in Charing Cross, not far from Trafalgar Square), or being hung drawn and quartered for being the wrong religion. This was the case during the times of Elixabeth I and Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary). There are other places to go to for sources on protestant and catholic martyrs. There were burnings that took place with more than one victim at a time: burnings were common for heresy and took place mostly at Smithfield, where there is a meat market now and where the new Museum of London will be moving to. People were either punished or killed miserably in places in central London until relatively recently. Moreover, this was pretty much accepted. During the time of Jack the Ripper, a doss house for the night would have the buyer lean onto a rope standing up and would not even have a bed or bed of straw and this was 1888. The timeline starts from the first known Hanging, Drawing and Quartering – to the last to be publicly hanged, to further victims of the justice system. It would be impossible to put across the 80,000 or so estimated people hanged at Tyburn (now Marble Arch) which is now the site of a luxury redevelopment of flats with swimming pools and gym. Only a triple set of trees and a plaque remains of this site.

The Executioners List
Has the list of most of the executioners of note. There is only a record of those willing to carry this nasty deed out from medieval time. Mostly it was opportunist drunken blacksmiths living in the village area where they would take place. Executions took place at Smithfield, Tower Hill, Charing Cross and St Pauls mainly, but the chopping off of noses, hands and feet were done at the site of pillories and or stocks. This list therefore is not as long as the list of victims, though the first executioner of note was simply called ‘Derrick’ who infamously tortured Guido Fawkes.


This site will grow, as will the resources and we will be putting together an email publicity method to nudge the interested to news and changes.


Triple Tree Tours
January 2021