The Press alluded to here is the printed news and periodicals that would report on a regular basis the exploits of Bawds, Mistresses, Whores and Rakes. The List Includes books of note and clicking on the book often leads to more information. Their dates of publication vary but are from the 18th and 19th Centuries mostly.

Cry of The Oppressed: An Account of the Lives of the Poor in Debtor’s Prisons. Written by Moses Pitt in 1680

The Daily Advertiser, started publication in 1730. Click on image

The Daily Courant was established in 1702 and was produced by Elizabeth Mallet next to The Kings Arms, Fleet Bridge

A Dialogue between A Married Lady and Her Maid. Published around 1740

The Examiner: A London based newspaper from 1808 – 1886

The Gentleman’s Magazine
Ran for 200 Years between 1731 – 1922

A Dialogue between A Married Lady and Her Maid. Published around 1740

A London press between 1765 and 1823

The illustrated London News was a Broadsheet Magazine that ran between 1842 – 2002


1769 – 1862
The Morning Chronicle


The fellows to look for here as major influences in spreading and uttering word on their times are: Ned Ward, Samuel Pepys, Samuel Johnson, Daniel Dafoe, later, Charles Dickens, and of course the playwright William Shakespeare. Dramists like Dickens and Shakespeare are of course propagandists as well, often using the environment to put a polemic social commentary through art.  The guys mentioned here would mix with both high and low life of London.


An Infamous Courtesan
Catherine Walters was an infamous beauty of her day and a celebrated prostitute in the mould of Nell Gwynn



The People (Influencers)
Edmund Curll – Was an 18th Century Pornographer and Bookseller
Alexander Pope – Was a 17th/18th Century Writer and Satirist
Frederick Furnival – OED Contributor & Lexographer
Charles Carrington – 19th/20th Century Erotica  Distributer
John Camden Hotten –  Lexographer of English Slang and Swear Words




The Places

Grub Street
The Street near Moorfields where cheap news and gossip was published. Associated for centuries with hack journalism

Holywell Street
Home of English pornography for years. Ran parallel to The Strand. Was demolished in 1900. Was the site of The Half Moon Bookshop and The Green Cannister Sex Shop

Fleet Street
Centre of London News Publishing from 1500s. Published Inns of Court works. Largely defunct in 21st Century