on Sex

Pamphlets have always been used as a way and means of bringing news and views to an eager public – either on a serious, political matter, or to put across a tainted and sensationalised account of a life. They were especially prevalent as news spreaders before mass printing. Here are some examples…..the ones here are those relating to sexual practices and themes….elsewhere on the site are pamphlets as literature

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Letters Collection


A Treatise

A Directory of Rich Widowers Widowers

A Cross Dresser’s Life Account

A Dying Words Confessional

A Sensationalist Warning

A Proclamation

Syphilis Cure

A Saucy Biography

List of Covent Garden Whores and Characteristics


Account of a Sex Life

Moral Propaganda

An Account of a Philosopher

An Account of a Cross Dresser 

Trial Account of Homosexuals

A Rounded Long Poetic Account of a Flirtation

A Treatise on the Benefits of Flogging

An Account on the Night Lives of Covent Garden Whores

An Apology for The life & Exploits of a Courtesan

Treatise and Account of a Flogging School

Gentleman’s Magazine Account of London Life