Pamphlets were widely used  by individuals as propaganda, politics or publicity. They would be printed privately and distributed in small number in comparison to today’s world and would cover any number of topics and themes.

They were often dangerous or divisive with the writer going to great risk if the subject went against the ideas or doctrines of the day. This could include a play, a poem or missive/message – or call to action. The writer risked losing a hand, nose or ear as mutilation punishment for inciting the crowd. More often though, they were a fun way of getting news and opinion around a largely illiterate and news hungry crowd. 

In this source – there are going to be examples of the following themes with a description below it of what it was aimed at – entertainment, information, politics etc…with a click to the site where you can have one made in the same theme of your own. 

For adults, there are examples of sex related literature under the Sex & Vice pages