Pamphlets & Broadsheets

Like with Posters and Chapbooks for Criminals – pamphlets and broadsheets were popularised
accounts of lives, though art times, a pamphlet would be written and circulated articulating
popular opinion.
These sometimes upset the monarch, if controversial and the author risked being accused of
Heresy. If this happened, the writer could lose an ear, or a hand. A Broadsheet may include a
ballad about a famous life and these have become collectables with libraries in England and
Scotland holding thousands of examples. The ones on offer here will include a picture and
theme options as with Posters.
The pamphlets will be following the same format as the Chapbooks for Criminals – 2 double
sided sheets of A4 to be folded to make 8 A5 pages. This will be downloadable as a PDF.