What is there left in London to see? I am booking an historic tour…am I likely to see just modern buildings?
London is an ever changing city and this is as frustrating to the residents as it is for the tourist, though the tourist is far more likely to expect what they see on film and television. These tours have been designed to take the tourist to the site of occurrences and famous places, but there are remnants of what has gone.  The tours are delivered in period dress and handouts are given with authentic resources to keep you going.
There are also bespoke souvenirs placed in the past for the tourist to enjoy. This is a unique feature of these tours and is not available anywhere else.

What do we do if it rains?
Carry on. The tours are designed to take place in bars and coffee houses as well as in points of interest and there will be interesting stop offs. Sensible footwear and a poncho is suggested to bring before the trip begins and check the weather.

What do I get for my money?
A unique tour, photographer, guide and post tour souvenir as well as an historic day.

Are the criminal history tours suitable for kids?
In a word, no. They are designed for adults and only the Gruesome History for Kids Tour is kids friendly – though family tours covering the history of London with a guide in period dress is available. These are PRIVATE TOURS not SCHEDULED TOURS.

 What is your Complaints Policy?
The area for complaint revolves around what is reasonable and not about the norms and values of another nation outside of the UK. All the tours have been acutely described and any expectations outside of the description are not the fault of the company or guide. As much as possible the tours will give a unique sense of history of the life of poor London through the ages. This is reinforced through and via the gifts and souvenirs included. Complaints based on expectations therefore and not what is advertised and provided will be duly ignored

 What is your refunds policy?
Refunds are not permissible from changes of mind or on a whim. The tours are limited in terms of the number that can be accommodated. With this in mind there is no refund policy. Given the rarity of the experience, there is little likelihood of a request for a refund being taken seriously.