Declarations & Treaties

Declarations were when there was an important message to relate to a township. A large
Broadsheet with the decision or news, would be announced and then put up in places where
they could be read.
They were about finding a solution, or troubleshooting a societal problem. Any household,
workplace, classroom, club or society can have a treaty made and put it up in a place of focus
where it can be seen and used to remind those involved or interested about an important
decision in moving forward.
Treaties are legal agreements between states that are binding. They can be about boundaries,
issues about common ground, resources or the transit of people, trade or can underline
alliances and resolve political disputes. They have been very commonly used after wars
between nations or in dealing with trades negotiations.
Examples of both Treaties and Declarations can be found below, along with situations where
they can be used. Triple Tree E-Commerce provides both products to be downloaded as PDF in
antiquated form – parchment background with old fashioned font. They are all available in A3 to
be used as posters on walls.