The norm in London is to present the cultural, historical and local perspectives to the tourist in one of two ways: via the qualified Guide (Blue Badge) the amateur historian and academic, or through the rookie, often either an out of work actor or a non-British nationalised citizen with a certain amount of knowledge and enthusiasm. The established guides form the former category, though deliver an establishment model. The rookie is usually difficult to understand, often talks in Americanised English and has little if no cultural stakeholder claim, really being able to deliver due to offering a semi-professional service at a price dictated by the norm now to offer little more than minimum wage to hospitality based jobs.

Triple Tree Walking Tours are an extension, not of the establishment, or of an evolved enforced norm, but of the culture of the host country. As such should be delivered in an approachable way offering a service to treasure and remember. Each tour has with it unique details to relish and mementos of the learning curve to take home. The tours are either part of a timeline or are themed. Here is more information as to how the tours are organised. As mentioned in the main page, all the tours here will be released one by one over the next few weeks 2018/2019.

These are tours that are specific to a particular theme that cuts across ages: the eras are as shown in the tours that cover eras as opposed to themes. The first to be released will be those covering Sex & Vice and LGBT. Both of these will be all day tours.

Coffee Houses, Inns, Taverns & Pubs of London

Scandal & Society