Triple Tree Tours Social Media & Merchandise Campaigns

Here is where we advertise the various campaigns attached to the tours and the life of the tours.
There are three Triple Tree Campaigns in Total

1. The Traitor’s Head Campaign
This campaign is designed to add fun and a tension release to the modern schoolchild and worker in any given intense city. The ‘head’ is a downloadable paper craft exercise to replicate what we did in London: put the head of a traitor on London Bridge. The skull is in ten parts and can be put together in 12 minutes.
Triple Tree Tours is making a You Tube channel devoted to the various submissions and accusations of Treason……the giving of a head and placing on a desk is symbolic gesture to those not accepting an agreed upon norm in a collective environment.

2. A Day in the Life…
The wearing of Tudor or Medieval dress need not be limited to just the odd day out. With our patterns aimed at adults and children, there is the prospect of having parties dressed in past and can enjoy doing this at any time we chose. The aim here is to take  one of the downloadable patterns and share the stories of those that use them. This would include the reasons of the choice of fabric, the acquiring of the machine or implements, and the result.

3. Poster Life

The people who chose to do the tours in London, get their own historic poster with them set in the past as a souvenir of the day, but also to encourage a narrative – a parallel life. Those that purchase the poster are strongly encouraged to share the poster of their parallel selves and relate as to what lay behind the choice.

4. Mint Design 

For centuries, alehouses and beer consumption was so important both as past time for the commoner and as revenue raiser for the government, that it had its own mint.

For example, The Swan with Two Necks, the big coach house in London had its own coinage.

During the Roman invasion, pro Romans had a grape on the back of a coin, anti Romans had the wheatsheaf. Even the Roman Empire recognised the importance of pubs and beer.

We will be launching a campaign to design a coin to use just for ale and beer purchase.