Here is a picture of the olde London Bridge which used to be the only bridge in London for 1000 years. Back in the day, those accused of treason….would die horribly and then their head would be put on a spike for people to see. It was the entertainment of the day and families would go and see how their favourite head was doing

Here is the head of Oliver Cromwell. He was considered so naughty in 1660, that his dead body was hung, drawn and quartered and he was beheaded as a dead person. His head went missing but it turned up centuries later which made a lot of his supporters happy. However, some Royalists still think he was a traitor and don’t like him. In this spirit we are developing.. ..

The Traitor’s Head Campaign
Soon, there will be a decomposing head for you to download, print out and stick a spike/pencil through and nominate your own favourite traitor at work or school.. ..

Submissions and Info will be available at
[email protected]

This is what is going to happen here….
The templates will be purchasable as downloads for the meagre sum of £1.00.
For this the purchaser will get both the stencil and the blank patterns.
There will be a video of how to put the pattern pieces together.
There will be a blog dedicated to the making of Traitor’s Heads with a YouTube Channel devoted to the submissions.
The blank pattern can be filled or drawn according to taste or whim.