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Sex & Vice in London
from Roman times To Present: Mondays, Noon – 6.00pm
Meal Included and Afternoon Ale

We commence with the Roman Invasion and the City. We meet at Bankside. We go to The Anchor Pub for a drink and organise the rest of the walk.

We walk through Bankside and go through the significance of this area to sex and vice throughout the ages. We cross over the bridge into the city. There we will find a pub to eat and drink and plot the walk to the West End

Here we look into the history and distribution of Pornography by visiting the site of a street which was the precursor of London’s Red Light District in Soho. We visit both Nell Gwynn and The Lamb and Flag pubs in this district.

We walk through the Strand from the City and take in a pint at The Nell Gwyn. We then go through the great and good history of Sex & Vice in this area. For at least a couple of hundred years Seven Dials and Covent Garden were rife with sleaze and prostitution.

The Red Light District covers from the top of Charing Cross and St Giles to Leicester Square and Chinatown. It is ever changing and evolving but we will be visiting that which gives it character and shape. The local bar The Admiral Duncan is in the middle of LGBTQ area and we will be having a jar there.

All Wednesdays
Noon – 6.30pm