3 Jacks Tour

Spring Heeled Jack – Ghost and Myth
Jack Shepherd – Thief and Escapologist
Jack the Ripper – Notorious Serial Killer

South West London, City of London, East End of London

The first part of the tour starts in Battersea, South West London and we meet outside Battersea Train Station at Noon. We go to The Asparagus public house and go over the day’s journey and work. Handouts are given and we have lunch and a drink. We go on to investigate the sightings of Spring Heeled Jack in Battersea and Clapham.

Next we travel into City of London and visit The Magpie & Stump for a quick ale whist we prepare for a walk and talk about the exploits of Jack Shepherd, the first celebrity criminal and famous jail breaker.

The last Jack under the spotlight is Jack the Ripper; we go over the scenes of the grim crimes of 1888 in Whitechapel – visiting a pub where we go over the murders and the usual suspects. Handouts and Questionnaires are given and referred to. We go to The Jack the Ripper Museum as the final rung of the tour. This is where we either disperse or travel back to the centre of London.

6 Hours: Sundays (Noon – 6pm)
199.00 (Including Meal, Drink & Handouts)
July  21/28