Exploring The Dark Heart of London's Past
Triple Tree Tours

Hello and welcome to Triple Tree tours…..

A lot of people understandably visit London’s attractions that deal with its nasty past, However these tours help the layman and tourist engage with the past by learning about the characters that lived at a time when life was cheap and short. So….the stories are gory and hard to believe…… people until quite recently would watch death, mutilation and torture and consider it entertainment. We will walk and talk through areas that until quite recently were places to watch someone suffer or die. London is an old city. A lot of evidence of these events and stories has not surprisingly gone.

 The tours are designed to reinvigorate that energy in the modern imagination, to reintroduce the various stages of the development of a major city through its response to its criminality. Thousands died in areas we now associate with commerce and industry. Amazing now to think of Oxford Street as Tyburn Lane and a thoroughfare we used to carry those about to be hanged through, to an accompanying and gleeful procession. 

There is a maximum of 12 per tour with a view to those taking part bonding and making friends. There is an associated campaign as well as the opportunity to make your own ‘criminal publicity’ either ahead of – or after the tour.

Every tour itinery is advertised on the page with what is and is not included on the particular web page. Each tour has some background as to what it will give the tourist/participant in terms of context. There is a lot of talk at present about identity: through these tours, you get an immersive experience and claim another identity from the past, fictionally based on your own characteristics and you are then encouraged to see the world from that point of view.

The gifts on offer are all about the recreation of the past in your mind and through the creation, or recreation of your own story through crafts other than film making and digital media.